I have a problem with Christians who tell others that once you become a Christian, life becomes filled with joy and love and you will never have to deal with pain, heartache and sorrow evermore.

(For the record, i’ve been a Christian for 9 years, and in those 9 years i have learnt sorrow to the core, heartache that would kill and crippling pain – both emotional and physical.)

Get. Your. Facts. Right.

Is it any wonder people convert and then fall away from the faith, simply because they don’t know the truth of the matter?  Jesus never said you won’t face such things, that you will never feel sorrow or see injustice.  In fact, Christians will be persecuted, judged and condemned.  You won’t just see injustice, more likely than not you will be the object of injustice, and so on and so forth. 

Stop preaching these things that are in contradiction to the Bible! Go read it properly!

What God does promise is that you will have the strength to see through all this, and that a greater treasure (i’m speaking metaphorically here, as i make no claims on the actual imagery) will be in store for us for eternity.  I could go on and on about how this overshadows the pain we feel here, but i’m not really in the mood for that.  Yes your life will be filled with joy, but not at the absence of sorrow. You will be loved, but not at the absence of being hated, and you will live but not at the absence of pain.  Maybe by comparison to the eternal these things will seem insignificant, but let me assure you that Paul also went through each one of these things many times over – how do you lend credit to your claim that you never will?

It’s even more frustrating that these people go around proudly proclaiming that you’re Christian and then spread gossip or fallacies and things like that.  It makes my blood boil that they will quote from the Bible to put you on a  guilt trip to induce you to do favours for them.  It infuriates me that my non-Christian friends are labelling Christians as naive people who do not care about those outside their faith and it’s all i can to show them it’s not true, while people who are announcing their faith unnecessarily and excessively are destroying what impressions i make.  It makes me mad that people profess to know so much and go around trumpeting such things, even more when their life shows the direct opposite.  All i really needed to do when faced with such situations like that is to ask “where did you get that idea from?”  Didn’t it ever occur to them that if you really are a Christian, you don’t have to tell anyone you are?  I never did, yet my friends all know which God i believe in.

It just makes me so mad, but i have blogged about it, i hope people will read this and if you want, link it to your blog if you agree with me (or not, it’s up to you really) and want to spread the word on such matters (or you do your own part in your own way, i really don’t need the fame or popularity), and i will leave it on my blog until it is appropriate for me to bring it up in person to whoever it is necessary to. 

Rest assured i will not take this out on any undeserving people, but i believe that even though i’m nowhere near holiness and purity, i believe God can get angry at such things too.

I’ll say it one last time – Get. Your. Facts. Right.

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