WTH! (edited)

“Dear Final Year students

Application for admission to Graduate Research Programmes is still open for August 2008 Intake.

Completed applications together with all other relevant supporting documents must reach the Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering by 1st Apr 2008.”


At this point of time, i’m not too concerned about if anyone from the department or in the hierarchy in charge reads what i say here because i am seriously angry with these people.

The previous deadline was 15 Oct 2007.  Those of us who handed in the applications had to rush everything in TWO DAMN WEEKS, which includes the recommendations, transcripts and the lot.  If you think two weeks is a long time, note that the Student Service Centre takes 4 STUPID DAYS to get a transcript out.  And to top it off, THEY ACTUALLY LOST MINE; so it effectively took a week.  That’s just ONE step of the application involved and when it was all handed up, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

I handed in my application on 13 Oct 2007, and i was told that i would only be informed of the outcome in March 2008.  LATE March, in fact.  This already seems to be like severe inefficiency – 6 months to process all the applications? Isn’t that a bit long? By comparison, Imperial College sends in replies ONE MONTH after the deadline closes, and i’m sure they receive more applications than we do.  World-class university indeed. pui.

And then the above email gets sent out to all the final year students. SO WHAT DID I RUSH MY APPLICATION FOR? If the intake is the same, and the application is the same, and the programme is the same, what gives man?  A quick check of the website tells me that application outcomes will be released in MAY 2008.

OCTOBER TO MAY! 8 months to process applications that only span Engineering? My friends who applied in Arts have already gotten back their replies!  This not only seems very inefficient, bordering on inactivity, but very unfair to those of us who rushed the applications to meet the October deadline and now still have no chance to apply for a job because we can’t even tell our prospective employers when we can start work.  Being in a limbo sucks, especially if it’s a limbo that could take up a good year of your life and affect your future.  I don’t get asked for interviews because i don’t know when i can start work.

Ok, maybe you have spaces that you want to fill up because the quota is not reached or something.  It still doesn’t make sense; shouldn’t the extension of deadline be made known BEFORE THE FIRST DEADLINE? or at least somewhere near it? As it is, they waited a good 5 months to tell people that hey, we just extended the deadline, you guys can now apply again!  And we have to wait, job-interview-less, for you to make your SECOND DECISION on matters that will affect my DAMN LIFE.

Look, if you want to fill up spaces, give those of us who can possibly get in and have met the first deadline priority.  If you’re just looking for people to do research in NUS’s name, then it doesn’t really matter right? seeing as that’s the only reason i can think of that one would extend a deadline that’s ALREADY OVER.  Maybe i overlooked a reason, fine; that’s still no way to do things, letting other people’s entire lives be put on hold just so that NUS can do things at their damned snail’s pace. 

WTH man.

They tell you to look at the world, we make it such you don’t even know whether you can because we’re holding your precarious applications in the palm of our hands and if we choose to we can just leave you in limbo till it’s too late for you to find a job and you’ll have to be unemployed for a significant period of time.

That’s the difference between them and N’US.

Edit: MOE got back to me today, sending me an sms to notify me that i’ve been shortlisted for an interview for teaching – applications closed on the 25th Feb.  Need i state another example against the administration?

  1. starlala

    Hey Jonnie Jon Jon,
    I understand how u’re feeling! It’s always so screwed up, the system ,and to think the students are paying extra school fees when nothing gets improved!!

    All da best though!:)

  2. jon

    heh ya thanks…just needed to get that out of my system, thoughts appreciated!

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