My Issue With Being Unappreciated

I had, and still have, a problem with being unappreciated for things that i do for others’ benefit.

It’s a very familiar scene that i face, for some friend to message me online and start complaining about things that are totally unrelated to me, but it’s part of their life so they’re entitled to.  What they’re not entitled to, and often what they tend to do, is expect me to solve the problem for them, even though they rarely take my advice.  Often i get rebuked for “slamming them in their face” or “pretending to know something i don’t”, which i can’t really avoid since they bring the problem up, can i?

It is amidst the slaving over projects in the past, listening to the whinings and so on that i learn that being unappreciated often goes along with being a friend – there are few (but they exist!) that would reciprocate to that level.  I don’t expect all to, but from the few “thank yous” that i’ve gotten i can assure you that it feels much better having heard it.  It’s easy to delude self (and that goes for me and the people on the receiving end who refuse to listen to any form of advice) and say that everything’s going to be ok, but you know deep inside there’s a simple problem that you just have to face head-on.

So it wasn’t surprising when i read a devotional that told me to expect to be not appreciated.  What did strike me was this:

The world doesn’t notice servants; it notices celebrities

Ok you and i both know that statement’s an over-generalization, but the point is there – the people who are most noticed often aren’t really the people who serve.  Granted there are exceptions, but it’s true.  Makes me think of all the people whose names really echo around and what they really stand for.  Some are worthy of mention, some not.  Some merely popular because of the acting they have to portray themselves in a certain way, or the gossip they spread to make others seem less likeable.

Kinda interesting isn’t it?  We don’t notice the servants.

Or at least, the world doesn’t.

  1. stella

    I sympathise with how u feel…
    I am personally not a fan of whining even people ask me what’s wrong with me and I usually wait till I’ve solved my problems before I share them.
    Aniwae that’s a great reminder for me to be appreciative:)

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