Well my headache hasn’t been going away. It was relieved for a while over the weekend, but once sunday night came along and i went for a run, it came back promptly after i cooled down.

On top of that, my feet have blisters from the run.  How that happened i have no idea – i’ve only gotten blisters from running once, and that was because my toenails were long enough to scrape against the adjacent toe.

At least work is coming under way and i’m looking forward to Warriors Orochi, having finished God of War:Chains of Olympus the day after i got it.

I’m not so bothered by the fact that NUS’s administration is freakingly slow anymore.  If they don’t want me then i’ll just have to hope that MOE will, but it also makes me realize that i don’t have much of a contingency plan should both fail.  Time to start looking around.

For now, i think i’ll be taking Panadol a bit more regularly.

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