Mid-Philo-Essay Thoughts

I was in the middle of my philosophy essay for my term paper when i had a few thoughts and so i thought i’d just blog them here before i get back to my essay.  Would be a welcome update to the blog which has been lying fallow anyway.

I have a problem with a lot of people, as evidenced from my previous posts.  I don’t hate them, just the things they do, and one of those things are when they fight for every point in conversations.  It’s different when it’s a truthful disagreement, or a disagreement for a continuation and exploration of discussion in conversation, but i must admit that it’s a very fine line between being expressive and being downright rude and disagreeing for disagreements’ sake, just to prove that you can and you will win.

Which brings me to my next pet peeve; winning fights. I think one should choose the battles to fight, and not for the sake of winning alone, but also for doing the other person the most good one can.  Of course, that may be subjective, but there are some things that would clearly better a fellow friend to allow him to achieve potential.  Personally, i don’t have to be right all the time.  Neither will i press to fight for being the victor in an argument.  It’s different if it’s a competition, but some times i just see no point in arguing with people.  The best kind of victory in an argument? When you state your point and everyone else agrees with you and fights for you.  Believe me, the sense of satisfaction there is way better than exhausting yourself in a pointless debate where the other person refuses to let up and nothing gets done or agreed on.

Exams are coming up!  It’s the season where people start mugging and camping in places that cause undesirable smells in the vicinity.  It’s also the time where people start being inconsiderate to others around them, and/or start looking for shortcuts in getting things done, like asking for answers etc. 

In fact, i didn’t have to wait for exams to get that kind of requests – a particular someone had been asking me to borrow my term papers and assignments from a module i took so that he could “refer” to them.  I told him the questions would probably be different and he said they were the same. So i said i wasn’t going to give him my solutions because that would be cheating, but if he gave me his answers i could tell him where he went wrong in his assumptions.  Instead, he insisted that i gave him the answers and called me stupid and selfish when i refused flatly.  This coming from someone who has a second-upper class honours (him, not me), i think i now know how you managed to keep your grades there. Listen, if you’re reading this, i’m not here to help you to cheat.  I’ve seen you in action and stopped you more than once and i don’t like your “know-it-all” attitude that you take just because you cheat and get away with it.  I may not be able to do anything about you directly, but i don’t think i have to – what goes around comes around.

But back to the exams point.  Let’s try to make the exam season a little more pleasant for other people, but extending a helping hand (not cheating) to those who are in the same course/module as you.  Study together, help each other out legitimately.  Tell them off if they’re doing something ethically wrong.  But just because you’re having a hard time, doesn’t mean you can’t make it an easier time for yourself and other people at the same time by helping each other out. 

Not for dubious intentions though.  I know of people who would.

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