Life lesson: if you need to wear a shirt that you haven’t worn for a long time, be sure to wash it first.

As a result, i was practically itching the whole 1.5 hours while waiting for my turn at the presentation today.

Yes, the presentation, the FYP one.

How’d it go? Well i could answer all the questions that they posed to me, which wasn’t that bad, but it was only toward the end that they mentioned that there was a distinct difference in wettability and hydrophobicity.  I was like w00t – aren’t they the same thing?  Logically they seem to be, and even the description that they offered of both were essentially the same.  So it turns out that i had to mentally change every reference of “wettability” to “hydrophobicity”. And then they do the same thing for “interfacial layers” and “interfacial conditions”.

The examiner was anal though.  What’s with the “your prof should know” comments? You wanna fault me, fine, i got my definitions wrong.  Why bring my supervisor into it?  He’s not to blame for my incorrect usage of terminology, from which i obtained via journals published by the way.  Ah well, here’s to anal examiners.

And that ends the course of my undergraduate life in NUS.  The past year flew by faster than any of the other years, or so it feels.  I guess i had less to bother with this year, so it turns out that i don’t feel so cluttered at the end of it (with the exception of my room).  Just need to submit my thesis (again, this time hardcopy with hardcover binding) and clear my lab stuff and move out of hall and that’s the end of it.

The end of 4 years in NUS.

And the start (hopefully) of another 2 more years.

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