Starting Off

And so after two fun days at Sentosa (and i’m rather burnt), tomorrow i return to school to get a jump on the research that i’ll be undertaking for my masters’ programme.  That, and to check out some readings that the PhD guy wants to pass to me (which i will print out – i realized that reading from the screen is extremely unproductive) and also to print my thesis one more time.  Yes, that means going through the hell of having to print everything out again another time before sending it for binding.  Thank goodness i don’t have to do it anymore after that.  The first time i printed out the draft bound copy it caused me a headache and a pretty expensive forfeit as i didn’t know that the default settings were changed from the last time i printed stuff there.

In a way i’m glad that i start now – because sometimes i think that being too idle or having too much time on your hands is a little dangerous for me as i start to do stupid things that could possibly get me in trouble.  Of course we all need a break now and then, but i suppose it’s a little habit that i have that i like to keep myself moderately occupied.  At the same time, i also thought my break could have been a little longer, but i suppose i could justify it that i’m actually taking my break later in the holidays.  After all, i do know of people who don’t get a break at all, and that kinda sucks.

But back to Sentosa (briefly), it was pretty good – the company was swell (especially on the first day) and we had a good time galloping around the beach and taking photos of turtles in the Underwater Viewing Chamber in Underwater World.  Although i must admit i got rather pissed at people who were quite blatantly hitting the fish in the touch pool and using flash photography when explicitly not told to.  Isn’t it polite to say sorry when someone tells you that you were doing something that is prohibited and not just wave the person off? I’m no official authority, but neither are you anyone to defy it.  And who the hell washes his slippers in the swimming pool 1 metre away from me leaning at the edge of it?  Evidently being an adult doesn’t give them much sense, even though they look like they’re rich enough to earn as much as they apparently do, and grow white and fat with all that money that they earn.

Gripes aside, it was great.  I’d do it again sometime if and when i can.

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