Just had a thought that i’m really quite grateful for the life and lessons that my parents have given me.

Spend what you have to, save what you can.
Chase your dreams; even if you don’t get there, you’ll end up closer than where you started off.
Learn to be happy with what you have, and appreciate what you can get.
Don’t eat the snacks in the fridge that aren’t yours. Ask permission if you’re really that hungry; chances are, if you’re not hungry enough to disturb someone to get permission, you can last a while more.
For algebraic equations, LHS = RHS.
Marking your territory around the house is only necessary if the rest don’t know where your territory is.
It is better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all benefit of doubt.
It is not always necessary to disagree.
Don’t just talk, converse.
Outer Space seems infinite, but House Space definitely isn’t.
Speak softly and carry a big stick.
If you have to use the stick, make sure you know how to use it.
Never name your child Tikki-tikki-tembo-no-sa-rembo-chari-bari-ruchi-pip-peri-pembo.
Wearing a cape does not give you Superman’s powers.
It is great to imagine and fantasize, but when it comes to reality leave the two in their proper place.
If a parent is frowning (not at you, but in general) don’t ask what the problem is – just get him/her something to drink.
If a parent is frowning at you then stop whatever you’re doing before they start counting to 10.
“El-em-en-oh-pee” is not one letter.
If you love like you’ve never been hurt, chances are you’ll be hurt again – it’s better to learn from the hurt, without letting it hurt you permanently.
If you read while you’re at the dinner table with your family, you’re saying that the book is more important than the people.
Pack your room.

The list goes on, and will never end. We don’t live in a big house, nor do we have as many luxuries as others do. Yet i find myself surrounded by things that i deem such when i’m at home. I never had to worry about my next meal, or my school fees, or my clothes. But more importantly, my parents let me worry about the things i should worry about, like my grades, how i conduct myself (manners and all), and they let me think. Perhaps that’s why i turned out the way i did, very much thinking all my time, and why i’m also grateful that they still do let me think (although mothers, being mothers, will always have something to say). Although their eccentricities can be annoying and intolerable at times, but what matters is that these are my parents.

You have your parents to thank for who you are today; you have yourself to blame for what you could have become.

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