Time for a Change?

I’ve been thinking, ironically, about changing the title of my blog.


Well it seems to imply that i am one of only a few who think.  Whether that is true or not leaves to be answered, as i evidently (and unfortunately for me) do not possess mental powers that allow me to peer into another’s mind (as much as i wish i do).  Regardless of the validity of that implication, it also leads to the subtle hint that i am perhaps superior in a certain way to others, an attitude which i deem to be completely valid do not wish to hold. (haha!)

So as much as i do think quite a bit, it doesn’t make me superior in any way regardless of whether other people do it or not.  It may make me more suitable for certain tasks, but that’s about it.  I also don’t really like it whenever people ask me whether i’ve had deep influences from Rene Decartes and upon careful scrutiny, one would realized that he didn’t say exactly that.  It is therefore not a quote, and no i don’t subscribe entirely to his philosophy.  Not entirely at least.

Away with the legal disclaimers!  I’d want to hear what you people in blogreaderland have to say – suggestions for blog names, whether they be something related to the way i think, something related to me as a person (you might know me solely through my blog or even in person) or something else representative of me, my blog, or my life as you understand it.  Leave it in my comments if you have any ideas!

And even though i would be decreasing my chances of getting comments, i have to be honest here – Of course i won’t necessarily be changing the blog title.  If it should turn out that nothing really catches my fancy, or if i think of something that really pwns the rest (which is highly unlikely) then i might use my own idea or not change the blog title at all.  It all depends.

So my fellow blogreaders, do leave your comments!  Be creative, and let’s see what churns up!  All suggestions are welcome (but no offensive or racist titles please)!

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