The Story of The Redbean and the Coconut 

as told by Jason Gan

The red bean and the coconut, despite being very different beings, were friends. One was small and red, living in a packet along with a hundred or so other red beans in the supermarket. The other was enjoying life, growing big and round and swaying in the breeze.

One day the coconut said to the red bean, “My dear friend red bean, how can you be content where you are? Why can’t you be more like me – i grow big and round and orange (or green, as the case may be) and i take pride in being able to sway in the breeze along with all the other coconuts up here. Why do you continue to live in that small plastic packet and squeeze yourself like red beans (excuse the pun) along with the others?”

The red bean replied, “My dear friend coconut, i admire and respect you for your ability to sway majestically in the breeze, creating Bollywood style backgrounds at which people can dance and sing around, being able to look at all the beach hunks and babes. But like you, i know my purpose – in order for my purpose to be fulfilled, and to grow into a healthy plant, i must die and shed the tight skin of mine. Even though i die, my dear friend coconut, many others will sprout from me, and i will bear fruit.”

As corny as it sounds, this story is very real. Many of us are still coconuts, taking pride in our works and our stature, our talents and our abilities. But for us to achieve our real purpose, we must die – die to ourselves, and let God take control. Should we decide be like the coconut, all we can do is sway where the wind blows. But if we let God take control, die to ourselves, then even the red bean can sprout and flower into a plant that will bring forth many more.

The moral of the story: Life your life to fulfill your destiny and purpose- one that which was made specifically for you.

  1. haha.. wait.. if the red bean is in the on earth did it get to talk to the coconut?


    just a passer-by. 😛

  2. hmm…i guess they must’ve had mobile phones of a sort haha =) either that or telepathy ^^;;;

    I popped by your blog too – interesting thoughts you have there…i guess i’ll be visiting every now and then =)

  3. cool. i see u’re almost as free as i am. hahaaaa

  4. alona j. cale

    i guess when the coconut falls to the ground it will also have its turn to die, have its roots, and bear fruits of its own…but seriously, small or tall, everyone has a place in God’s design for which every participates with a purpose. That alone should make us more optimistic about life, no matter how big or small we are.

  5. No matter what God has made you to be, be the absolute best and give Him excellent service!

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